We know that no organization can be great at everything. That is why we are committed to in-depth research, why we maintain a network of analysts, and why we focus our work on four sectors

Mining & Resources

We work with companies in all parts of the mining and resources industry. This includes companies that own, run, and operate mines as well as companies that provide equipment, logistical support, and expertise to mining and resource extraction companies. We understand the specific capital needs of this industry.


We provide corporate advisory services and capital raising solutions to energy companies. We work with both traditional energy companies and renewable energy companies. We recognize the challenges that regulations create for raising capital and structuring corporate transactions. Saint Gabriel is up to the challenge. Our industry-specific experience means we already understand the challenges and are ready to use creative solutions to deliver for our clients.


Technology companies often need help with strategic corporate transactions and with innovative capital raising strategies that meet their specific needs and bring them closer to achieving their vision. We understand that not every technology company wants or needs to have an IPO. We can execute an IPO or oversee other capital raising strategies. We work with the founders and CEOs of these companies to make sure they have a solid basis for future profits, sustainable growth, and continued innovation.

Luxury Goods

Luxury goods companies often have to deal with fluctuations in global demand for their products as well as shrinking margins due to increased prices of materials. The ever-changing global economic landscape means these companies need to be agile. We help luxury goods businesses raise the capital and build the strategic partnerships they need to continue to flourish.

Solutions for Corporations

Solutions for Investors