Corporate Advisory

We provide corporate advisory services including corporate transaction strategy, capital raisings, strategic partnerships, divestments, acquisitions and special situations.

Capital Raisings

We focus on a broad range of options for raising capital including IPOs, secondary issues, private placements, convertible issues, and unlisted equity offerings.

Mining & Resources

We have deep experience working with a range of companies in the mining and natural resources industries. We understand the unique capital needs of mining companies.


We partner with energy companies to advise on a range of strategic transactional issues and capital raising issues. We help energy companies reach their full potential.


Technology companies often have unique transactional and capital challenges. We help technology companies explore a full range of options including IPOs and beyond.

Luxury Goods

Businesses in the luxury goods sector often need assistance securing strategic partnerships and structuring acquisitions. We will work with luxury goods companies on a wide range of corporate financial and structural issues.

About Saint Gabriel




At Saint Gabriel, we are passionate about two things: helping businesses reach their full potential and presenting investors with quality investment opportunities.

We believe in providing highly-targeted corporate advisory services. We have seen too many companies fail to take full advantage of strong corporate transaction strategies because they are focused on immediate commercial returns rather than the long-term prospects of the company. Instead, we work with companies to explore a set of options. Sometimes that means preparing for an IPO, and sometimes it means looking to grow through acquisitions, seeking out private investors, or alternative capital raising strategies.

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Saint Gabriel is an independent corporate finance and advisory firm. We help CEOs, founders, and businesses find the right strategy and structure for their capital needs and growth needs. We believe in exploring a set of strong options for our clients. Sometimes that means preparing for an IPO. It may also mean looking at other strategies.

Saint Gabriel advises corporations on corporate transaction strategies, capital raising strategies, strategic partnerships, divestments, and acquisitions. Our people have extensive experience helping businesses raise capital through IPOs, secondary issues, private placements, convertible issues, and unlisted equity offerings.

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W e believe that it is critical that your corporate financial advisor not only understands your industry but that they also understand the specific capital requirements and limitations faced by companies in your sector.

Saint Gabriel works with clients in four different sectors:

  1. Mining and Resources
  2. Energy
  3. Information Technology
  4. Luxury Goods

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing companies in these sectors. We work with our network of analysts and investors to provide expert guidance tailored to the specific challenges of our clients.

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W e provide honest, and research-backed advice to corporations on the best strategy and structure for their corporate transactions and capital raising projects. We start working with each client in the same way.

We listen and learn.

Before we give any guidance, we make sure we understand your business, your current capital position, and your vision for the future.

We leverage our years of industry experience, subject-matter expertise, and our network to provide our clients with the strategic guidance they need. We are equally comfortable preparing for an IPO as we are seeking out alternative capital raising strategies. Our focus is on helping you make the right choice, not just the easy choice.

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What they’re saying

  • Bernadette is an exceptional advisor who is great to have on your team. She genuinely cares about her client and their success.
    Steve VamosNon Executive Director & Advisor
  • Saint Gabriel assisted in delivering and executing corporate solutions for Mancala in the most timely and professional manner, eliminating a number of major challenges Mancala was facing at the time.
    Bill LannenExecutive Director, Mancala Holdings
  • Saint Gabriel were engaged to assist with several transactions. The output, professionalism and teamwork are of the highest order.
    Richard BorysiewiczManaging Director, BSP Capital